Day 1 Presentations

The following presentations from Day 1 of the conference are available for download:

Introduction to Conference and What is ReSAKSS? Babatunde Omilola, ReSAKSS-Africa Wide

Theme 1: Taking Stock: Agricultural Performance, Public Spending, Growth and Poverty Reduction Trends

Theme 2: Strategies and Options for Improving Agricultural Performance


3 responses to “Day 1 Presentations

  1. The way ReSAKSS is organized seems to be participatory and empowering. The continental, regional and country level structures are consistent with ongoing approaches of AU NEPAD. There are some concerns over how to maintain research independence while working closely with governments to influence policy, but I believe all institutions undertaking analytical work in support of CAADP should use the ReSAKSS framework. I will be more specific with my comments if you could forward to me all the presentations. I can see only some of the presentations at the moment.


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